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Exhaust Reels

Eclipse manufacturers, supplies and installs World Class Exhaust Extraction Systems.

Special feature includes 300 degree Celsius hose, wireless remote wind and unwind.

The reels can be daisy chained off a single motor/fan.

Reels can painted to meet corporate/custom colours.

Our Exhaust Extraction System is Australian Made


Static Exhaust Stations

Static exhaust stations allow for the capture and removal of exhaust from stationary location

These units can be incorporated into Dynometer rooms


Dual Exhaust Adaptor - Standard

Eclipse's exhaust extraction system come with a variety of standard and custom designed dual exhaust adpators

Exhaust Adpator.jpg

Dual Exhaust Adaptor - Downward Facing Exhaust Tips

Eclipse's Dual Exhaust adaptor designed for downward facing Exhaust Tips


Our Unique Touchless Exhaust Adaptor is designed by Eclipse and are Australian Made


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