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Commercial Car Wash Fitouts

From Concept to Implementation, Eclipse works with the client to understand their requirements, constraints and other special conditions, such as manufacturer conformities, to plan out the hand car wash.

Eclipse, however, works hard to ensure that the car wash design we propose will operate as a cohesive, efficient and profitable operation.  We provide substantial input across the board to ensure that the car wash does more than just look good on day 1.

We understand that the profitability of the hand car wash will ultimately impact the success of the business and as such, we take the following things into account:

  • Vehicle Flows through the car wash

  • Reliability and appropriateness of Equipment Brands and Models

  • Quick access to spare parts

  • Reliability Equipment Service

  • Safety and Health such as workshop exhaust

  • Location of car wash within shopping centre


Eclipse takes a Total Cost of Ownership approach to the equipment it recommends.

The initial purchase price of a piece of equipment is generally only around 15% of its’ cost over its’ operating life.

Other items which are taken into account include:

  • Longevity

  • Warranty

  • Installation cost

  • Repair cost

  • Running cost

  • Cost of spare parts

  • Programmed service frequency and cost

  • Operator training requirements

  • Manufacturer support

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