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First Flush


Eclipse Environmental’s First Flush Diversion System provides a robust and reliable solution to capturing contaminated runoff from unroofed hardstands


  • Standard unit includes

    • First Flush Diversion Pit with integrated Gross Pollutant Trap and grated pit cover

    • First Flush Collection Pit

    • Oil Separator

    • Control Panel with manual start and automatic shut off

    • High quality diaphragm pump,

    • Float switch for both standard retention and first flush retention

  • Robust high quality construction and design, ensuring low maintenance and long life

  • Oil Separator size from 1,000 to 50,000 L/hr

  • The best design advice in the industry

  • Able to be incorporated with Water Recycling system

  • Able to be incorporated with Rainwater Harvesting system

  • Able to be incorporated with Water Treatment System incl pH doser, and filters

  • Approved for all major Water Authorities

  • Automatic and manual operation

  • Large range of options to meet your unique situation

  • Australian Made

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