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Air, Oil and Water Reels

Eclipse can supply and install Oil, Air and Water Reels which can plumbed to workbays within a workshop and service centre.

Eclipse can supply both Enclosed and Open reels.

Eclipse supplies high quality Italian made reels with hose lengths of 10m or 15m.


Oil Guns

Eclipse can supply and install high quality Oil Guns for your fluid distribution system 

Eclipse can supply simple direct dispensing guns, digital flow guns and metered flow oil guns 



Eclipse installs workshop pipework in 304 Stainless Steel as well as Aluminium pipe.

Stainless steel provides a high quality, long lasting finish to the pipework.


Oil Tanks

Eclipse manufactures high quality Oil Tanks in a variety of styles.

Bulk oil tanks and Waste Oil/Coolant Tanks

Tanks can be single skinned or self bunded.

Tanks include pumps and sir service kits.

Custom/Corporate Colours available

Combination Bulk Oil/Waste Oil tanks available


Waste Oil  & Coolant Recovery

Eclipse manufactures Waste Oil/Coolant Recovery Station to simplify the removal waste oil and coolant 

The Recovery Station couples with the Oil Trolley, sucks the waste fluid out and pumps it to the waste oil/coolant tanks


Remote Fill and Remote Waste Oil Extraction

It is not always possible to locate the Bulk Oil  and Waste oil tanks near the entrance of the workshop.

Eclipse can install an remote fill and waste oil suction system to the front of the workshop so that the oil contractor minimises their impact ton your operation as they filling the oil lines or removing the waste oil.

The system includes a high level alarm for your safety


Oil Tank Vollume Monitoring

Where an oil tank is located in a difficult to access location, Eclipse can install a remote tank volume monitoring system.

This allows you see the amount of Bulk and Waste oil in any given tank from the convenience of a web browser.

The system also includes the provision to send out automatic SMS's when the Oil tank reach a certain volume.


Oil Tracking System

Eclipse can install a Full Featured oil tracking system when can allocate oil usage to each job, maintain oil inventory volumes and integrate with your existing DMS for financial reporting purposes

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