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Delta Compact Grease Arrestors

Eclipse Environmental’s range of Compact Grease Arrestors are an ideal solution to the removal of grease from trade wastewater in a space restricted location



  • Physical storage capacity of 500L and 700L, respectively

  • Able to process the equivalent to 1,000l/hr and 1,500 l/hr

  • Ideal for small or tight locations

  • Gas tight lid to stop odours

  • Sturdy Fibreglass construction available

  • Reduced weight makes transportation, installation and manoeuvring easier

  • Under sink Unit available where unit cannot be fed by gravity

  • Secondary Pump boxes available to where wastewater cannot be fed to sewer by gravity

  • Above ground and below ground options

  • Trafficable lids available where unit installed below ground

  • The best design advice in the industry

  • Easy and Quick installation

  • Approved by all major Water Authorities

  • Australian Made

delta dims.png
delta features.png
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