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The Nova system is a fully self-contained unit that will meet all of your water recycling needs.

  • Includes filtration, oil separation, UV sterilisation and chemical dosing to deliver clean and usable discharge water.
  • The treatment and reuse of water, particularly in a wash bay situation, can save a large amount of money in the course of a year.
  • Stainless steel construction ensures long life no matter what the working environment.
  • Standard 1800L onboard tank.
  • Option for additional tanks.
  • Option for feed from or feed to external rainwater tanks, with a supply of fresh, recycled or hot water.

The Eclipse Environmental team can tailor make to exactly suit your requirements, so talk to us and we will ensure you get the right solution for your business.

The Nova units are a self contained water recycling system which can be installed or retrofitted to any car wash bay.

The wash water is collected in settlement pits within the bunded wash bay. This water is them pumped into the Nova unit where it undergoes a number of purification processes. The first step is solids and oil separation which occurs inside the coalescing plate separator. Once this is complete finer particles are removed through the sand / carbon filter.

The water is then treated with a flocculant and sanitising agent to clarify it further. Finally UV sterilization occurs to kill any bacteria and then the water is pumped intonova 1 the storage tank. This process ensures that all the water that gets treated by an Eclipse Environmental Australia Nova unit meets all local health standards.

The treated water is now pumped back to the wash bay for reuse via the on board pressure pump.

 Model  Flow Rate  Power  Dimension
 Nova 1  160lpm  240V 10A  3000L x 960W x 1800H 
 Nova 2  100lpm  240V 15A  3000L x 960W x 1800H



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