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Cut costs and help the environment by installing an Eclipse Environmental Rainwater Tank. Available in a variety of sizes and colours to exactly meet your needs, they are easy to maintain and capacity can be quickly increased through the simple addition of extra tanks. Call us to find out more.

Muddy contaminated water from a building excavation must first be treated to EPA standards before release into the sewer systems. This is where the Eclipse Environmental Australia sitemaster ground water treatment system comes in.

The Eclipse site master system is available to treat muddy water, correct pH or remove oil and other hydrocarbons from the construction site. The portable modular unit is easily installed and extra tanks can be connected if required. groundwater The site master units provide automatic 24 hour operation.

 Site Master  Flow Rate  Power
 3  3000lph  240V 10A
 5  5000lph  240V 15A
 CD 3  3000lph  240V 10A
 CD 5  5000lph  240V 15A
The CD range of Sitemaster units provide pH correction before discharge.
Eclipse Environmental maintains the system and offers compliance certificates for discharge.


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