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The Eclipse Hydroflow Oil Separator removes oil, grease and silt before discharge into sewers or other outlets.

  • The Hydroflow Oil Separator has high precision coalescing plate interceptors to separate oil and particulates from the wastewater streams.
  • Oil Separators can be constructed in a variety of sizes from 1,000L to 50,000L
  • Up to 10ppm Oil and Grease filtration can be achieved using these Oil Separators
  • All Eclipse Environmental Hydroflow Oil separators are fully approved by Water Authorities Australia Wide.
  • Using the Hydroflow Oil Separators can help you avoid costly fines by meeting all of today’s regulatory requirements.
  • The Hydroflow Oil Separator can be custom built to any requirements
  • The Hydroflow Oil Separator is an integral part of a larger Wastewater Treatment System
  • Also available:
    • Prefabricated Pits,
    • Bulk Sediment Pits
    • High Level Alarms
  •  The Hydroflow Oil Separator is ideal for use in:
    • Automotive Workshops
    • Truck Workshops
    • Car Washes
    • Engineering Businesses
    • Marinas
    • Car Wrecking Yards
    • Car Hire companies
    • Panel Beaters
    • Smash Repairers
  • Hydroflow Oil Separators are easy to maintain and can be serviced and pumped out by our trained and accredited team of pump out specialists.  All waste pumped out of Hydroflow Oil Separators and pits are disposed of in accordance with EPA requirements and standards.

Talk to us about the best solution for your business.

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